About us

Company Overview

Sree Nidhi Enterprises was established in the year 2007. We have emerged as one of the developing buisness entity dealing in the domain and supplying a wide range of Electrical,Electronic & Instrumentation products.We serve various industries such as Automobiles, Food& Pharma,Printing & Packing, Cements, Power sector etc..,We offer improved, Innovative and reliable products in the field of automation,delivery to the clients. We have committed ourselves to be an “active partner to our customers in their continunous improvement of cost reduction”.We assure our best services at all times to all our customers.


-> All types of Sensors
-> Safety Light Curtains / RFID
-> SMPS/Relay Module/Encoders
-> PLC/HMI/VFD/Scanners
-> Dataloggers/Transmitters
-> Paperless Recorders/controllers
-> Gas Analysers/ Detectors
-> Level/flow/moisture/temperature TDS
-> PH Measurements
-> Safety relays and Interlocks/Displays